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Grooming a Mature Golden Retriever in a Puppy Cut

Do you have Golden clients that insist they want a haircut for their pooch? We know, we know... it's considered a cardinal sin to trim a Golden, but some owners just won't give up - they want their dogs shorter! If you don't do it, the groomers down the street will - and happily collect the money for doing it! What options do you have? The simplest trim is a shave off, but it's not all that appealing. Misty shows you two versions of a super cute trim. The first one she calls a "sporting trim." The second one she terms a "puppy trim." On both trims, Misty uses guard combs to set the length of the body coat. With one trim she leaves the feathers longer. In the second version, she trims the longer furnishings shorter. The differences are slight bit but both haircuts turn back the clock of time on this dog. The Golden looks like a puppy again. The end result is a trim that is appealing and easy to care for 

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