Interpreting AKC Standard - Comparing 2 Dogs of the Same Breed

Award-winning stylist Lindsey Dicken, talks about the differences in the eyes of these two AKC Champions compared to the official Bichon Frise Breed Standard.

Creating Consistency in Your Grooming Business

Award-winning stylists Lindsey Dicken, Marc LaFleur, and Melissa Verplank discuss what happens if they or a team member does sloppy work in the bathing department. How should you go about correcting the problem and why?

A Discussion on Speed Techniques for the Pet Salon

Award-winning stylists Lindsey Dicken, Marc LaFleur, and Melissa Verplank discuss one of the many speed techniques that they use all the time. This one trick allows them to get through their days quickly and efficiently. This particular technique is about shampooing pets on a professional level.


Award winning pet stylist, Lindsey Dicken shows you how to groom a show Giant Schnauzer.  There are two types of Giant Schnauzers. One line is extremely heavily coated. The fur can be a combination of soft and hard hair. The other line is considered the 'German' line. This type of dog has a very harsh coat that is shorter. The dog Lindsey is grooming in this lesson is of the first type. It is profusely coated. Traditionally, if done correctly, Giant Schnauzers are totally hand-stripped. However, Lindsey opts for a combination of hand-stripping, clippering, and scissoring. This is standard procedure for dogs that have this coat style - even in the conformation show ring.

Lindsey starts off by setting the basic lines of the head and throat with clippers. Next, she shows you how to hand-strip this type of back-coat. She shares some of her favorite tools to get the job done. Once the hand-stripping process is complete, she moves on to clipper work which includes setting the angulation of the rear assembly. Once the clipper work is complete, she grabs her shears and blenders. She finishes the groom by showing you how to get the classic brick shape on the head of this gorgeous Giant Schnauzer.

This is a great lesson for both beginner and advanced pet stylists. Much of what Lindsey shares crosses all three varieties of the Schnauzers with a few exceptions. This is a very powerful and robust dog. Even though the Giant Schnauzer is a large and powerful breed, it's important to maintain the elegance. Lindsay does a great job showing you exactly how to do that in this lesson.

Approximate running time: 67 minutes

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Lindsey Dicken, NCMG

Lindsey Dicken is a National Certified Master Groomer. She has been grooming for 8 years, and has been grooming competitively for 6. Prior to becoming a pet stylist, Lindsey was active in preparing and exhibiting saddle and draft horses. Read Full Bio