Grooming the Kerry Blue Terrier for Grooming Competition or Pet Salon Styling

Award winning pet stylist, Lisa Leady, works on trimming a Kerry Blue Terrier. She demonstrates how to get a ‘show dog look’ quickly.

2 for 1 Lesson! Grooming a Natural Backed Pet Springer Spaniel Combined with Gentle & Effective Handling Skills

Award winning pet stylist, Lisa Leady, takes up the challenge. The task? Grooming a year-and-a half old Springer Spaniel that has never been professionally groomed.

Handstripping Tools & Technique

Watching someone handstrip a dog can be a bit like watching the grass grow. It can be a long and tedious process – and B-O-R-I-N-G. Many times it goes on without a dramatic overall change in the appearance of the pet.


Getting a Pomeranian show-ring ready takes work. Most people are amazed with the amount of trimming it takes to make them 'ring ready.' In this lesson, Lisa Leady turns this typical pet Pomeranian into a little show dog. He is oversized with a prolific coat. Using scissors and thinners, she creates the illusion of a shorter bodied dog. A few nips and tucks in strategic locations opens up the expression on this cute little pooch while making him appear to lose a bit of weight to boot. This is a great lesson for any pet stylist that grooms their fair share of Pomeranians. 

In this video you will learn:  

  • The best scissors to use for this coat
  • How to shape the pants on a Pomeranian with shears
  • How to set in the shoulder layback
  • How to handle a dog with typical 'small dog' health issues
  • How to open up the expression on a Pomeranian

Approximate running times: 56 minutes

Make sure you allow the video to pre-load a few minutes prior to viewing for uninterrupted play

Part 1 Part 1 – Opening, shaping the rear, how to trim in under the tail, typical stifle issues with this breed, trimming the loin area, underline, shaping the shoulder, trimming feet and what shears work best
Part 2 Part 2 – Flip side of dog, how to shape the chest and how to best correct a toy breed that is being fussy for head and neck work
Part 3 Part 3 - Shaping the mane, trimming ears, opening up the expression of the dog, trimming the tail and a trick to see the expression of the dog

Lisa Leady NCMG

Lisa Leady is a third generation pet stylist with 35 years of experience. Read Full Bio