Interview with Misty Fowler

Award-winning pet stylist, Misty Fowler shares her career journey with you.

How to Minimize Corduroy Marks When Using a Guard Comb on a Golden Retriever

Award winning pet stylist, Misty Fowler shows you how to minimize tracking - otherwise known as corduroy marks - when dealing with a guard comb. This is not a traditional style for Golden Retriever, however many pet owners appreciate this style.

How To Avoid Repetitive Motion Injury

Grooming can be one of the most rewarding jobs we have ever had. Unfortunately, the demanding elements can take a toll on our bodies. Join longtime stylist, Misty Fowler as she shares with you her extensive list of problems she has learned to overcome through the years. She’ll share with you many solutions that have allowed her to stay at her grooming table.

Our premier Training Partner, Misty Fowler, shows you how to execute this trim - which is known by many names based on what region you are from. Commonly referred to as the Clown Clip, Bikini Trim, Summer Clip, or Miami Trim, it all looks very similar. The body work is shorter with pom-pom bracelets on each leg combined with a typical poodle topknot and tail. Misty leads you through the entire trim including: clipping the face, feet, and tail, setting the pattern and shaping the bracelets, topknot and tail with scissors.
Some of the highlights you will learn in this video are:
  • How to set the pattern and common blade choices
  • How to set the lines on the poodle face, feet, and tail
  • How to work with a less than cooperative pet on poodle feet (great holds!)
  • How to get nice, clean bevels and pom-pom bracelets
  • How to scissor the poodle topknot and neck crest
Approximate running time:  55 minutes 

* Make sure you allow the video to pre-load a few minutes prior to viewing for uninterrupted play.

Part 1 Styling the Poodle in a Miami Trim

Misty Fowler, CMG

Misty is a Certified Master Groomer, an award winning stylist, a two- time member of GroomTeam USA’s top 10 groomers. Read Full Bio